Photo Courtesy of Heal the Bay

Dorothy Green helped direct the fight to stop the Peripheral Canal in 1982. She is Founding President of Heal the Bay and President Emeritus of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council. She served as a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Commissioner for three and a half years, and chaired the most important water policy conference in the state, the POWER Conference. She joined the C-WIN Board in 2002, and drafted C-WIN’s sustainability principles. She passed away October 13, 2008.

“A Heartfelt Plea for a Sensible Water Policy,” by Dorothy Green:

The time for consensus and compromise has long passed. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my lifetime of activism, change doesn’t come easily, but without it, the environment will continue to degrade along with our quality of life.

“Profiting from a Public Resource,” by Dorothy Green and Carla Bard:

This precious commodity belongs to all of us, but some demand the right to sell it for an unwarranted gain…Water rights are not property rights. Yet throughout California, they are being treated as if they were.


I can tell you that from the very first moment I met Dorothy, I recognized that she was very courageous…- Carolee Krieger

“Principles for a Sustainable Future,” by Dorothy Green:

California’s water is a public resource; its use, however, is subject to private rights to its use. The State is required by law to protect the public trust in California’s water for the access and enjoyment of all. Unfortunately, this clear legal obligation is frequently ignored in policy making. Major river systems such as the San Joaquin River have been degraded for private benefit, destroying public trust resources.