Paper Water San JoaquinAverage annual unimpaired flow for the San Joaquin River Basin is about 6.2 million acre-feet compared with 32.7 million acre-feet of total consumptive water rights claims. The ratio of total claims to average unimpaired flow for the San Joaquin Basin is 5.3 acre-feet of consumptive use claims to every acre-foot of unimpaired flow in the Basin.

About 49 percent of total consumptive water claims are by riparian and pre-1914 claimants, while 51 percent are by post-1914 claimants (that is, permits and licenses) regulated by the State Water Resources Control Board.

Specifically on the major tributaries of the San Joaquin River Basin, the ratio of total consumptive use claims to unimpaired flow ranges from about 5.6 on the Stanislaus to 6.3 acre-feet of claims to every unimpaired acre-foot of flow on the San Joaquin River (including valley floor and upper watershed claims).