SWP Paper Water ChartThis chart summarizes State Water Project south-of-Delta deliveries between 1985 and 2010. This chart, similar to the Central Valley Project chart, presents a line at the top that represents 4,056,205 acre-feet, the total “Table A” amounts in State Water Project contracts for deliveries south of the Delta. Here too there is a substantial gap—representing paper waterbetween the amounts that represent deliveries to contractors during this period and the original “Table A” amounts claimed by the parties to State Water Project contracts.  The average amount of paper water between total Table A amounts for south of Delta contractors and their actual deliveries exceeds 1.593 million acre-feet.

After 40 years of operation for the State Water Project and over 70 years of south of Delta exports for the Central Valley Project, they fail to meet on average about 2.7 million acre-feet of paper water every year.

In dry or drought years, this figure for paper water increases dramatically.