Water must be managed in the public interest. 

1. The Public Trust Doctrine.The public trust doctrine is insufficiently recognized in decisions on how best to allocate water to serve all of the public’s needs for access and enjoyment. Very high priority must be given to the public trust doctrine in future water allocation decisions.

2. Right to Water. Every person in California must be assured the minimum amount of high quality water necessary for life at an affordable price. Additional water consumed should cost more.

3. Open Public Process. The public, as owners of California’s water resources, must have the determining role in the development and adoption of any statewide water policy. The process must be open, transparent and accountable, and include the active involvement of all sectors of California’s diverse population.

4. Water Management. Comprehensive management of state and regional water supplies is best achieved through agency cooperation and coordination. To that end, we support restructuring water administration by eliminating or combining, to the extent feasible, agencies whose jurisdictions lie within the same watershed.

5. Good Science. Computer models used to project water supplies, both surface and groundwater, must be publicly available, be predictable, accurate, transparent and accessible on the Internet. They must be subjected to peer review and truly reflect the resources of the state.

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