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Working to promote the equitable and environmentally sensitive use of California's water.

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The California Water Impact Network (C-WIN) is a non-profit, tax-exempt California Corporation that advocates for the just and environmentally sustainable use of California’s water, including instream flows and groundwater reserves, through research, planning, public education, media outreach, and litigation.

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NEW!!!: C-WIN’s latest SB report and media release:

In 1991, Santa Barbara voters decided to hook up with the State Water Project. Promises were made to voters about the cost of the proposed Coastal Branch Aqueduct. Promises were made about water reliability. Those promises were broken.
Now a new water project is pending, the Peripheral Tunnels, a $50+ billion dollar effort to move the Sacramento River directly to the big industrial agribusiness on the West side of the Central Valley. Proponents of the project want the water and they want Santa Barbara ratepayers to pay for it - even though none of that water would ever come to Santa Barbara!
This video documents the promises made in 1991 to Santa Barbara voters that were broken, and makes the case for withdrawing Santa Barbara support for those Peripheral Tunnels.

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